From the moment you enter the office until the conclusion of your appointment Dr. Falvey and the staff will make your experience pleasant and comfortable. A wide array of treatments is available ranging from basic preventive care to complex restorative solutions.

What We Offer

Pediatric Dental Care
Comprehensive dental treatment is provided for the entire family. Pediatric patients receive the tender loving care we all wish for our children.

A full range of restorative options is available including dental bleaching, tooth-colored fillings, porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers.

tooth replacement
Dental implants are strategically placed to support natural looking and fully functional replacement teeth. Other options are available in situations where implants are not feasible.

Insurance & Billing

Choose your dental insurance plan based on your budget.

Dr. Falvey leaves no stone unturned to provide the best dental care possible at reasonable rates regardless of the insurance carrier’s technical and financial limitations. Most insurance plans allow patients to go out of the network of preferred providers. Typically, preventive treatment is covered 100% in these situations, and restorative treatment coverage ranges from 80% for minor treatment (fillings, etc.) to 50% for major treatment (crowns, etc.) Our office staff will assist you in filing your claims. Contact your insurance provider to find out what your coverage entails, so you know what final expenses are to be borne by you.